Eric Grande


Eric Grande joined PS 56 at the Principle in 2016. He has taken a strong leadership role by building new programs while honoring the traditions of the school.

Mr. Williams

Parent Coordinator

Marvin Williams is the PS 56 Parent Coordinator. He helps parents through school orientation and to resolve issues.


Ms. Allison

Pre-K Teacher

Diana Allison has many years of experience as a public school teacher. She brings warmth, structure and learning to our littlest learners.

Ms. Amaya

First Grade Teacher

Ms. Amaya teaches the first grade Gifted and Talented class.

Ms. Biggett

Fourth Grade Teacher

Ms. Chantire

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Chantire teaches the World Language Spanish Kindergarten class.

Ms. Donnelley

Fifth Grade Teacher

Ms. Ficara

Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Greenberg

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Hanley

Third Grade Teacher

Ms. Heslop

Second Grade Teacher

Ms. James

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Logan

Grate K-2 Mixed

Ms. McFarlane


Andrea McFarlane is our wonderful school librarian.

Ms. Nelson

First Grade Teacher

Ms. Nicholson

Fifth Grade Teacher

Ms. Orr

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Orr teaches the Kindergarten Gifted and Talented class.

Ms. Ramirez

Fourth Grade Teacher

Ms. Rocke

Third, Fourth, Fifth Grade (Mixed)

Ms. Swan

Dance Specialist

We are fortunate to have a full time dance teacher at PS 56!

Beginning in PK, all students in our school receive dance 1-2 times a week. Our lower grade students develop as an artist through play, creative movement, and explorations while our upper-grade students study various forms of dance and dive deeper into creating. Our dance program also uses movement to explore, embody, and express learning in other content areas such as literacy, science, social studies, and math.

We have two larger performances to share with the community what we are learning and several smaller showings. Students engage with the diverse art programs in NYC through field trips, visiting guest artists, and seeing live performances.