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Info session for TrailBlazers at PS56: afterschool and remote learning bubbles this fall, SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE

Looking for help on remote learning days and afterschool this Fall?

Save the date this Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 6pm for a special virtual info session for PS56 families about the programs from our new partner Trail Blazers this fall.

TrailBlazers staff will explain and answer questions about their traditional afterschool and remote learning bubble options for PS56 this fall.

Information about these programs and the link to register for them are available here

These programs are meant to be affordable and accessible to PS56 families. Scholarships are available, and while nothing is certain yet, both TrailBlazers and the PS56 PTA are working to secure both funding and space to hopefully allow all who wish to participate.

More about bubbles for remote learning:

A bubble is a group of up to 6 children selected by your family to participate in PS56 remote learning and activities together in person this fall. You choose the folks in your bubble, the location, and the schedule. TrailBlazers staff help with learning and supervision.

The children in a bubble will be a consistent group paired with a TrailBlazers leader. It would be ideal to form a bubble within your in-school cohort to minimize COVID exposure, but your bubble can be formed with up to any 6 students, including siblings. Fully remote students can also participate in bubbles!

You form your bubble and set the schedule–the PTA is working on ways to help with this, but you’re welcome to get started connecting with each other!

Your child can participate in a bubble on days and times when they are not in school in person at PS56, including all 5 weekdays if you have elected for fully remote learning. The way the bubble spends time is customized and can include participating in remote learning, playing and learning outdoors, and engaging in TrailBlazers-led activities indoors. Locations are also determined by you, the members of the bubbles. Your bubble can spend time outdoors only in parks and playgrounds or all indoors or a combination, if you have access to appropriate indoor space.

The cost of the program is determined for your bubble based on the schedule you pick. Full cost information is here: https://trailblazers.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/FALL-2020-TUITION-RATES.pdf

For a base schedule of 4 hours/day for the 3 days at home of blended learning, the cost is $100/week/student in a bubble of 6. For 8 hrs/day 5 days a week, the cost is $280/week/student


You can fill out the scholarship request form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdL9ZCqAmemmwNUZGjv-1BrryRDeIWDxFcMWdBeTp1qkHJbyQ/viewform

Both the PS56 PTA and TrailBlazers are working hard to try to ensure that all PS56 students who want to participate in bubbles are able to.

We are also working to secure additional space in which PS56 student bubbles will be able to operate. If you are aware of any vacant spaces in the neighborhood, reach out to jbussell@gmail.com

Activity Link: https://www.konstella.com/activity-details.html?activityId=5f5b8927dafae103c3fa8d85


Sep 15 2020


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm